How to Improve Digestion

Chewing your food

thoroughly is the first and basic method to improve digestion. Salivary glands function to give enough saliva to the food. But many a times due to insufficient chewing the food is taken in large chunks, giving the burden to inner digestive organs to break down. So the first basic step to improve digestion is to improve chewing.

In this article we give some of the ways to improve digestion:

  • Include whole and unprocessed foods in your diet.

    The body has greater digestion power on the organic forms of food. For example: Eating apple is better than taking apple juice or taking organic butter is better then margarine. The more the organic the food is the more is the chance of improving your digestion.

  • Observe your body’s response to different foods.

    Do not go on gulping food out of taste. Make sure that whatever goes in is digested well. In other words, be conscious of what you are eating.

  • Develop good eating habits. Do not eat while watching television and scanning newspaper. Believe this, it makes huge impact on your digestion.
  • Take sufficient water as insufficient water not causes constipation but also many complications such as inflammation of the intestinal lining, imbalance in bacteria.
  • Insufficient water intake is a primary cause of constipation. Constipation then causes an imbalance in bacteria, promotes inflammation of the intestinal lining, and can even lead to the absorption of larger molecules, a condition known intestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut syndrome.
  • Take meals at regular timings. Irregular food habits can make the machine of digestion go out of order leading to several digestive problems.
  • Increase the fiber intake in your diet. Good sources of dietary fiber include dry fruits, prunes, figs, beans, legumes and ground flaxseed.
  • Do not exercise or do strenuous activities immediately after taking meals. Relax for at least 30 minutes after taking meals so that your digestive system gets enough blood to receive the ingested food.
  • These above points can improve your digestion to large extent. If you have continuous digestion problem then it is better to consult nutritionist.

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