Baby Digestive Problems

The main reason for indigestion in babies is due to overfeeding by the mother’s. One of the reason include swallowing air during sucking from their mothers. Digestion problems in babies may cause due to over eating, excitement, excessive play, neglecting nap in the noon, long drives in automobiles and, taking them to movies or circuses.

We can find various symptoms in the babies. The main symptom is that they start crying. Babies cry due to irritation, nervousness, sleeplessness, constipation, gastric problems, excessive urination and bloated bowels when they suffer from indigestion.

Indigestion in babies is also caused due to improper feeding. Feeding should be given according the age of the babies. Babies younger than 12months cannot break lactose that their body can do. So babies below this age are not fed with milk regularly. This excess lactose passes into intestine and gets converted into intestinal gas.

Remedies for Digestion problems in Baby:

  • Over feeding should be stopped.
  • Stop feeding in between meals and dinner.
  • Put babies to sleep and wrap their feet in warm cloth.
  • Care should be taken to make baby to have proper nap.
  • Warm the towel and place it on the baby’s abdomen.
  • Massage the baby by laying him on the laps. Massage his back after feeding to avoid indigestion.
  • While feeding the baby, lay him in a correct position. While and after feeding, be sure to burp the child.
  • Never introduce new food items in the dinner. Always try them in the breakfast or in lunch. So that babies don’t suffer from indigestion.
  • Mother should take care while feeding the baby i.e., laying the baby in the right position etc., to make child feel comfortable and happy always.

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