Digestion Problems- Coffee

People suffer from various disorders. One such is digestion disorder. Indigestion is caused due to numerous reasons. Heavy intake of coffee is one of the reasons for digestion problems. Coffee contains caffeine which effects every system in the human body from nervous system to the skin. Caffeine belongs to


class and its chemical formula is



Though coffee is treated as beverage, it contains high levels of caffeine. Caffeine is classified with cocaine as an


. It is sometimes prescribed for pain relief. Though it is used with many foods, caffeine is treated as drug to some extent. It is not an abuse to consume caffeine. But it causes some disorders.

Caffeine effects the digestive tract of every person who consumes heavy coffee. But this content may vary from person to person according to the body of the person and degree of tolerance.

Caffeine has many side effects apart from digestion disorders. This even irritates bladder and stomach also. Caffeine causes peptic ulcer. Drinking caffeine makes some people suffer from diarrhea followed by constipation.

Getting addicted to caffeine also disturbs the natural rhythm of the bowel. When a person drinks the caffeine, it is absorbed by the digestive tract without breaking down the caffeine. If a lady consumes coffee after she gets conceived then the caffeine crosses the placental barrier and enters into the baby’s blood stream.

People consuming lots of coffee content should reduce consumption to get rid of digestive disorders associated with caffeine. Though caffeine is not treated as a drug completely but it has worse effects in the long run.

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