Tips for Healthy Digestion

Healthy digestion is obtained when people gets benefited from the food they eat. Maintaining healthy digestive system can prevent some problems such as constipation, heart burn, colon cancer, diverticulitis and, hemorrhoids.

Results of healthy digestion are:

  • Emotions are balanced.
  • Abundant energy is produced.
  • Good eyesight.
  • Brain functions well.
  • Ease in the body.
  • Healthy digestion can be obtained when food breaks down properly in the mouth, stomach and also in small intestine. It is also achieved when the broken down food is properly absorbed and also if the waste is eliminated properly.

    Follow the following four healthy habits for good digestion.

  • Chew the food properly.
  • Eat small amounts of food as smaller amounts are easy to digest.
  • Eat three types of food which are simple. For incidence vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.,.
  • Do not have snacks in between meals.
  • Healthy Tips for Proper Digestion:

  • Chew the food 20-100 times until the food can be swallowed easily.
  • Chew curbs such as salads, grains, beans and, greens to avoid acidity, bloating and pain in the belly
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  • Take food containing enzymes for digestion as enzymes are responsible for chemical reaction in the body.
  • Have simple food containing 2-3 types. Each type requires various digestive juices and enzymes to digest the food.
  • Drink hot water if rice is taken in high quantities.
  • Chew slowly and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Eat fibre rich food which helps to move waste material from the body. If the fibre content is high it may lead to constipation, drinking plenty of liquids avoid this problem.
  • More physical exercise is required. Move the body very often for good digestion.
  • Eat food at regular intervals of time in small quantities.
  • Constipation can be avoided when one responds to the nature call.
  • When people experience upset in the stomach when they have certain kinds of food, they should stop having such type of food.
  • If people follow the above tips, good and healthy digestion can be easily obtained.

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