Ginger for Digestion

The most promising and the best supplement in the herbal market that spices up culinary delights is “ginger”. This is a rich nutritional supplement. It is very popular both in the olden days and in this modern world also. Ginger root is an extract from the plant “Zingiber officinale”. This is an excellent medicinal herb.

Chinese doctors used ginger in the treatment of vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and, nausea. In Africa, during ancient culture, old men and women drank ginger juice with water to alleviate sexual desire. According to Jean Carper, new guinea women use dry ginger root as a contraceptive. Indian mothers insist their kids to drink ginger tea as a remedy for whooping cough.

Ginger contains 180 times more protein digesting power of papaya and hence stimulates fat digesting bile. It also potentiates proper digestion and also restores balance in the body. Ginger has 12 anti oxidants and these modulates the prostaglandins and hence promotes blood circulation. This also balances the inflammatory process. It is a good ailment for free radicals.

According to Oriental medical history, doctors in united states used ginger for treating morning sickness and especially, for motion sickness. This was very safe and effective. For a comparative test done at Brigham Young university, Utah, ginger root was very effective for motion sickness than the drug, Dramamine.

According to an European Journal of Gastroenterology and Herpetology, ginger root stimulates digestion by accelerating the movement of food from stomach to upper small intestine. Stomach upset can also be healed with a cup of ginger tea. Ginger has anti inflammatory property which is a good choice for the treatment of ginger. It reduces the vomiting associated with pregnancy.

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