Cupping Therapy

Ancient Chinese use cupping method to treat local nausea. This is the method of creating pressure by vacuum by using cups or plastic glasses. Chinese does this by heating inside the bamboo cups or glasses. Now cupping sets suck the vacuum. Vacuum ion the cup collects blood in one area and heals that area.

Chinese believed that “meridians” are present in the body and these are pathways through which energy flows. This energy is called as “


”. This energy flows through every tissue, organ and, every part of the body. This therapy is generally performed on one’s back. This is done here because it contains five meridians. When these open up, internal energy flows into the body parts, organs and tissues.

Cupping therapy releases toxins into the body. This method penetrates deep into tissues and makes tissues to release toxins which are harmful. It triggers upon the harmful toxins and makes blood vessels clear. It also stretches the skin. Cupping therapy makes the skin cells very active. It clears the blockages in the colon and also improves varicose vein. This is a best tissue massage. This is a very easy technique to learn and also incorporated in health practices.

Now a days plastic cups are based on traditional cups. These are applied along with magnetic therapy. New cups are more easy and safe than the traditional cups. These new cups have penetrating power and big drawing strength. These new cups are more efficient and also simple to apply.

The new plastic cups which replaced the ancient Chinese cupping therapy are now available. These can be handled easily and are also safe for self treatment. These new cups are popular in china for family cupping treatment.

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