Acid Reflux Herbs

Millions of people suffer with problems of excess stomach acid. It causes acid reflux where excess stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. It can be triggered by improper diets as spicy and fatty foods, alcohols, caffeinated beverages and citrus fruits and also by stress. This results in heartburn, chest pain, stomach ache and other respiratory problems. The condition can be effectively treated in a natural way with herbs.

As the medicines can give side- effects, herbs can be good antacids. These herbs can prevent acid reflux symptoms before they begin and subsequently reduce them. There are several herbs available, but only few proves effective in acid reflux.

Herbs for Acid reflux:

  • Ginger root

    – used for variety of digestive disorders. It stimulates digestion, increases enzyme production and improves circulation. It is also helpful in nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. This is an effective herb due to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This is the safest herb and can take moderate amounts of it daily in raw or powder form.

  • Liquorice

    – it is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb and acts as an antacid. Available in powder form and has soothing properties. It is helpful in healing ulcers and improves digestion. It helps in stabilizing adrenal glands which can reduce stress, a common cause of excess acid.

  • Papaya fruit-

    it contains natural digestive enzyme called Papain. This contributes to digestion of proteins into stomach. It neutralizes stomach acid.

  • Slipper elm bark-

    it is a nourishing food that coats the mucus membrane of the intestinal tract and stomach. It mixes better with food and helps absorb excess stomach acid.

  • Black pepper-

    this aromatic herb helps in digestion by improving gastric circulation.

  • Aloe vera-

    its gel is commonly used in beverages, yogurt and desserts and helps in heartburn.

  • Bladder wrack-

    it is an algae found on British isles shores. This herb relieves heartburn and a component in nutritional supplement.

  • Alginic acid and Calcium carbonate are other sources of acid neutralizers and mucus protectant.

The important function of the natural herbs is to soothe and protect the stomach lining and strengthen the digestive system. Tell your doctor also about the natural herbs you are using for acid reflex cure.

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