Treatment For Oral Cancer

The oral cancer is treated based on the stage, that is the extent of tumours and also based on whether the cancer has spread to other parts of the body infecting the healthy tissues there. Normally the diagnosis is done and the disease is confirmed based on the biopsy.

But before biopsy Endoscopy is done along with other regular clinical testes and imaging methods.
Dental and chest X-rays help in initial diagnosis.

Factors That Determine the Treatment of Oral Cancer

The following factors are taken into consideration by your doctor before proceeding with the treatment of the oral cancer.

  • Age of the individual
  • General health condition of the affected person
  • Previous medical history of the individual
  • Extent of the spread of the disease
  • Allergies for specific medications
  • Ability to withstand certain necessary procedure
  • Tolerance to therapies with severe side effects
  • Estimation of the outcome and course of recovery
  • The affected person’s individual opinion and preference

Oral cancer treatment include the following:

Surgery for Oral Cancer:

This is the most common treatment for oral cancer . Surgery is carried out where in tumours are removes form the moth and throat. Rarely lymph nodes in the neck area also removed during the surgery. Surgery is done alone some times. At time the doctor may advise the patient to go for radiation therapy along with surgery.

Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiations to kill cancer cells.

There are two types of radiation therapy:

External radiation:

Radiation which is emitted by an external machine is given. Generally the patient is given this therapy two time a day for 5 days a week for quite some time.

Internal radiation:

radiation is given through an implanted device. Patients stays inside the hospital. The device is removed before the patient leaves the hospital


Anticancer drugs are given to the patient.

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