Dignosis of Gastroparesis

After thorough preliminary physical examination a doctor generally order for blood examination to confirm any disparities in electrolyte levels and other chemicals. If the doctor suspects any sort of obstruction he may order for the following tests.

Diagnostic Tests for Gastroparesis

Upper Endoscopy:

The longs slim thread guides the surgeon from the throat to oesophagus to abdomen. Generally through endoscope the lining of the stomach is noticed and examined. Sedative are given prior to the examination.


Generally the gall bladder and pancreas are are observed through ultra sound. Harmless ultrasound waves are used for this purpose.

Barium X Ray:

In this procedure a patient is mad to drink a thick liquid called Barium after 12 hours of fasting. Because 12 hours fasting is generally assumed to leave the stomach empty. So if the food is noticed even at the time of test then the doctor come to the conclusion that the patient is suffering from Gastropheresis. In case of patients with diabetes the gastropheresis is carried out in the patient by taking necessary precautions.

Gastric Emptying Tests

After ruling out other causes , the doctor opts for one of the following gastric emptying tests to confirm a diagnosis of gastroparesis:

Gastric Emptying Scintigraphy:

Non lethal doses of radioisotope are given along with a bland diet such as egg or egg substitutes. The scan then measures the amount of gastric emptying end of every hour till 4 th hour is completed. If more than 10% food is left after 4 hours then the physician arrives at the diagnosis of gastroparesis.

Breath Test:

Food is offered with a small amount of isotope. When the person exhales the carbon di oxide the breath samples are taken. The amount of isotope reveals the amount of food that is assimilates by the individual.

Smart Pill:

This particular pill is approved by Food and Drug administration of USA. A pill is given swallowed by the patient then its course is monitories, through a receiver- placed around neck or waist- till it is finally excreted in stools.

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