Gastroparesis & Dibetes

The primary concern for the doctor with regard to the gastroparesis patient who also happens to be diabetic is to ensure proper gastric emptying and regain the control of blood glucose.

Treatment Options for Gastroparesis Patients Suffering with Diabetes

Treatment includes the following options:

  • Dietary changes
  • Insulin
  • Oral medications
  • Jejunostomy
  • Parenteral nutrition

Feeding Tube

If the advised dietary changes do not work then the a surgical procedure called jejunostomy is performed where in a feeding tube is inserted directly either through skin or abdomen into the small intestine. special liquid food is given through this tube. The food directly absorbed into the blood stream easily by this method. However it is carried out only in severe cases, that too in patients suffering from diabetes, to stabilise blood glucose levels.

Parenteral Nutrition

Through this procedure nutrients are delivered directly into the blood stream bypassing the digestive system.A thin tube called catheter is placed in a chest vein. An opening for the is left outside the skin. Suitable liquid nutrients contained in a bag are fed through this tube. It is only a transitory measure to hep you through a difficult phase. It is usually done when jejunostomy does not work.

Insulin for Blood Glucose Control

To maintain proper blood glucose levels in diabetic patients suffering with gastroparesis the following measures are advised:

  • Increase the intake of insulin.
  • Change the type of insulin if warrants.
  • Take insulin after the meals not before the meals as it is generally taken.
  • Immediately after your meals check your blood glucose and administer insulin it there is need.
  • Generally doctor takes care of the patient’s insulin intake according to his or her body condition.

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