Causes of Constipation In Children

Constipation is a condition which results in hard stools. The stools tend to be dry and thus difficult to pass. It is often painful. But quite rarely constipation leads to a medical complication.

In children too though it does not result in any serious consequences medically, it does affect the quality of life of the child. More importantly the child is subjected to severe emotional stress. This results in usual parental anxiety regrading the well-being of the child.

One of the most typical tendencies among the children is to withhold the stools. The child tends to do this unknowingly. The child is stressed out by potty training. Often the child does not like give a break to to his/her play. They may even feel embarrassed to use public toilet. The obvious irritation that they tend to experience while passing the stools is also a cause for withholding the bowl.

The large masses of stools, called faecal impaction, often gets accumulated in the rectum. Stools inadvertently leaks out soil the underwear. This is often mistaken by parents as diarrhoea.

What Causes Constipation in Children?

The following are other prominent causes that result in constipation in children:

  • Feeding the child with a low-fibre diet
  • Certain medications or drugs, such as antacids, opiates, and antidepressants
  • Anatomic abnormalities, such as a birth defect

What are the Disease Conditions that Result in Constipation in Children ?

Often the following disease conditions lead to constipation in children:

  • Hirschsprung disease
  • Diabetes (Type1 Juvenile Diabetes)
  • Down syndrome (developmental & genetic disorder)


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