Symptoms of Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is the disorder where in the colon gets affected. The colon is part of the large intestine and is very vital for removing the body wastes through excretion.

Abdominal pain is the most serious symptom of the diverticulitis. The physician is able to feel the tenderness in the left side of the lower abdomen. Mostly the pain is sudden and severe. It may sometimes start as a mild pain which goes on to increase over a period of few days. The pain intensity is not constant always and it tends to fluctuate a great deal. Nausea, chillness and vomiting are usually experienced by the affected person.

What are the Symptoms of Diverticulitis ?

Many people with diverticulitis are actually asymptomatic. Some people though experience cramps accompanied by abdominal pain. Bloating and constipation are also noticed usually.

However other problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers also result in the same symptoms. Able medical supervision is needed to diagnose diverticulitis.


Rectal bleeding is uncommon in diverticulitis. The bleeding that occurs in the diverticulitis is believed to occur due to the weakening of a small blood vessel in the diverticulum and the burst that occurs due to this. As a result blood appears in the stools and the urine. In case even a small trace of rectal bleeding is witnessed please visit your nearest physician.

Infected diverticulitis will develop perforations. The perforations release the pus out of the colon and form a large abscess in the abdominal cavity. This condition is called


. In the absence of timely treatment perforations lead to fatal condition.

Fistula and intestinal obstruction are the other condition of Diverticulitis.


Fistula results when the infected tissues come in contact with each other and then heal together. Generally fistula is formed between colon and urinary bladder. It can result in serious problems in the log run. Fistula is removed by surgery. Thus the impending danger is averted.

Apart from this intestinal obstruction is another prominent symptoms of the diverticulitis.

Intestinal obstruction:

It is another prominent symptoms of the diverticulitis. Colon is unable to pass bowel. It is treatable only with surgery.

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