Treatment for Acute Pancreatitis

The major treatment option for acute pancreatitis is pain management which needs hospitalisation for few days. It also involves injecting intravenous fluids, and providing parental nutrition. If the person continues to loose weight then nasogastric feeding must be given. The acute pancreatitis normally gets cured within few days provided further complications are not witnessed.

The following treatment options are available to treat acute pancreatitis :

Therapeutic Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP):

ERCP is used for acute and chronic pancreatitis. This is a specialised technique to view the gall bladder, narrowing of pancreatic ducts, and the cysts if any present in the pancreas. This is performed soon after the person is admitted into the hospital. Sedatives are given to numb the throat. Using this technique X-rays of the affected regions are taken.

Through ERCP the following procedures are performed:


In this method a tiny opening is made In the pancreatic and bile ducts by piercing the muscles of the pancreatic of bile ducts. In the event of the presence of a pseudocyst the pancreatic duct is drained. Gall stones are generally removed by this method.

Gallstone Removal:

In this method a tiny basket basket is used to remove pancreatic or bile duct stones.

Stent Placement:

A tine piece of metal or plastic is inserted into the bile or pancreatic ducts by using this method. This straw like capillary tube helps in widening the narrowed ducts.

Balloon Dilatation:

Narrowing pancreatic or bile ducts are enlarged, stretched and dilated by using this method. Thus the obstruction is removed in the bile duct and pancreatic ducts.

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