Treatment for Leaky Gut Syndrome

In case of leaky gut syndrome systematic treatment is advised rather than superficial symptomatic treatment. This is done by healing the gut. For healing the gut several paths are followed. The following ones are the popularly recommended though:

  • use of digestive enzymes
  • Use probiotics (healthy microrganisms)
  • Take proper diet
  • Give adequate nutritional supplements

Recommended Dietary intake for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Eat diet with high fibre content. Eat uncooked vegetable, wheat brans, legumes , whole gains ect.,

Taking white starches will help to correct leaky gut syndrome.

Take fructose, honey, molasses, and other carbohydrate rich food such as potatoes, chips, cakes, cookies, desserts, sodas, fruit-juice and ice-cream.

Strictly avoid fermented products such as yeast, bread, alcohol, soy sauce, Vinegar.

Strictly avoid the fungal products such as mushrooms and cheeses.

Avoid fruit and fruit sugars till the candida is brought under control.

Take natural supplements.

Increase the consumption of essential oils.

Take olive leaf extract (10% extract) 500mg three times daily.

Consume grapefruit Seed Extract

Take Caprylic Acid (Intiallly 300mg three times daily which should increased subsequently)

Consume garlic ( capsule with high allicin contnt – take two to three times daily)

Take oil of Oregano (150 mg twice daily)

Take anti fungal drugs (especially Yeast Fighters by Twinlab )

Take L-Glutamine (500 mg thrice daily)

Bowel cleansing:

Bowl cleansing helps in detoxification by removing the old fecal matter.


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