Improve Digestion: How to Improve Digestion?

Proper digestion will ensure that your body remains healthy for a long time. Even if you take the most nutritious diet, you won’t benefit out of it if your digestive system doesn’t cooperate with you. So, how do you improve digestion? By following simple steps you can assist the digestive system to improve digestion and nourish your body.

How to improve digestion

Say yes to cooked food:

Avoid eating raw or uncooked food. This will greatly benefit people with weak digestive system. So, say goodbye to sandwiches and hello to hot soups.

Avoid leftovers:

I know it’s difficult to throw away the last piece of pizza from the previous night’s party. However, leftovers won’t do any good to your digestive system. Freshly cooked food will assist the digestion process.

Fiber all the way:

We know you have heard this a million times! Allow us to repeat it. Eating fibrous food will assist the digestive system to digest the food efficiently. Include foods like blueberries, strawberries, dried plums, dried apricots etc. in your diet.

Chew it properly:

Remember your mother telling you to chew your food properly to improve digestion? Well, she was right. Chewing the food 30 times will break the food into smaller particles and start the digestive process. This way you can also relish the food.

Simple eating:

Mixing a wide variety of food in your meal will tax your digestive system. So, try to eat simple meal of two or three dishes at a time.

Peaceful environment:

A relaxed and peaceful environment while eating will greatly improve digestion. Angelina Jolie too eats her food in a calm and serene ambiance with dim lights. Now that’s some motivation!!!

Fruit between the meals:

Most of us include fruits with the meals. Fruits tend to cool the digestive system, making it weak. This results in bloating and flatulence. Snaking on fruits in between the meals is a better idea.

Hot water:

Hot water can do wonders to your system. It will detoxify the body and strengthen the digestive system.


Do not forget to relax after eating. Sit still and allow the miracle of digestion take place inside your body.

Move on:

A simple 10-minute walk will hugely benefit the digestive system.

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