What is Laparoscopy – Laparoscopy Procedure, Recovery following Laparoscopy


is a surgical procedure done to visualize peritoneal cavity, ovaries, uterus and other organs in the abdominal cavity using a device called laparoscope.


The laparoscope is an instrument that resembles like a miniature telescope. It is a one-and-half inch fiber optic rod with a light source and video camera. The word “Laparoscope” comes from two greek words: Lapara and scope. Lapara means, “the soft parts of the body between the rip margins and hips,” scope means, “to see, view or examine.”

Laparoscopy Procedure:

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is normally performed in the outpatient surgery unit of a hospital. A patient can return home after a few hours of the procedure. It is usually performed under general aneasthesia. However, in some cases where the condition is not severe, laparoscopy can be performed when the patient is awake.

A small incision of size half to three-fourth inch is made in the belly button or in the lower abdomen. The cavity the surrounds the abdomen is called abdominal cavity. The cavity is filled with CO2 (carbon-di-oxide). It causes the abdomen to swell and lifts the abdominal wall away from the internal organs.

Now, laparoscope is inserted into the enlarged cavity to visualize inner organs. The video camera allows the surgeon to see inside of the whole cavity. Depending on the condition, the same laparoscope can be used for diagnosis and treatment as well. For surgery, additional instruments are employed while using the video monitor as a guide. The provision of taking photographs permits the surgeon to take any number of pictures of problematic areas that he discovers.

Recovery Following Laparoscopy:

Laparoscopy is minimal invasive and less painful technique where patients have a quick recovery. The procedure has almost no complications, very rarely patients experience aches in shoulders and chest. Patients can return to light work within 3 days and to full activity in one week after laparoscopy.

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