Anal Itching – Causes of Anal Itching

Anal itching

is a very embarrassing situation that anyone can have in their life. It is also called pruritus ani. It is basically a strong urge to itch around the anus. The nearer the itch to the anus, the more intense is the urge to itch. In this article, we shall discuss what causes anal itching.

Anal itching occurs especially at night and after a bowel movement. It can be seen as a rash in the anal area, sometimes with skin breakdown or a weeping discharge.

Causes of anal itching:

Following are some of the causes of anal itching:

Moisture around anus:

Anal itching is caused by the irritation due to continuous or too much moisture around the anus. During frequent liquid stools, diarrhea, stool incontinence there is increase of moisture around the anus. They all cause anal itching.

Chemical irritants:

Adverse reactions of chemicals such as laundry soaps, douches, colognes and birth control products can irritate the skin around the anus. Even scented or colored toilet paper can irritate the skin in some people. Excessive washing of anus with water and soap can also cause anal itching.

Bad food habits:

Some foods may directly or indirectly irritate the anus while exiting from it. They include chocolate, tomatoes, alcohol, caffeinated drinks and citrus fruits. Spicy food and hot sauces can also contribute to anal itching.

Dry anus:

If the skin around the anus is dry or prone to dryness, it cause persistent, intense itching at that site of anus.

Abnormal anus:

In anal abrasions, fissures and fistulas, the skin around the anus cause itching and bleeding. All three conditions need to immediately treated to get rid of the itch. Also anal cancer and anal tumors can cause anal itching in rare cases.


Sexually transmitted infections and non-sexually transmitted infections that involve micro-organisms may cause anal itching. Yeast infections in women cause anal itching in them. In children, a parasite can cause persistent anal itching.

Side effects:

Anal itching can be a side effect of medications such as antibiotics.


can also cause anal itching, while other causes can be physical stress and mental anxiety.


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