Anal Warts – What are Anal Warts?

Anal warts

are growths found on the skin around the anus, in the lower rectum, or in the anal canal. Anal warts are also known as

condyloma acuminata.

They are also seen affecting the genital area.

Anal warts initially appear as tiny spots. Later they grow larger than the size of a pea. They vary in color as well. Some appear pink, while some are yellow or light brown in color. They are not that painful or uncomfortable but in some cases they can be.

Causes of Anal Warts:

Human papilloma virus is identified as the cause of anal warts. It is usually transmitted through sexual contact, though not exclusive through anal intercourse. These warts can spread to vagina or labis in women and penis in men.

In some cases, the virus remain in the tissues dormant and grows only after a few months.

Symptoms of Anal Warts:

Due to virus being dormant in them, many patients do not show up any symptoms in the early stage of the virus attack. Later they may get small growths in the anal area. Some of them may also have:

  • Anal Itching
  • Anal bleeding
  • Moisture in the anal area

Diagnosis of Anal Warts:

The doctor diagnoses the warts by inspecting the skin around the anus. He may use anoscope to check the anal canal more closely.

Treatment of Anal Warts:

Depending on the severity of warts, the doctor takes up the treatment. If the warts are small, they are treated by applying topical solutions such as podophyllin or bichloracetic acid. Cauterization is another form of treatment wherein the warts are burned off after numbing with local anesthesia. In extreme cases, the doctor may choose to remove the warts surgically.

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