Trouble Breathing after Eating

Facing trouble after eating is a common symptom of respiratory disease. But respiratory diseases may not be always the cause for troubled breathing. This article discusses about the factors that would lead to troubled breathing after eating.

Chronic Illnesses

Trouble breathing after eating is observed if you suffer from chronic illnesses such as emphysema and asthma. The body needs oxygenated blood as soon as a person eats to digest the food. Thus lungs are more pressurized for the oxygen . People suffering from these chronic illnesses have weakened lungs and the pressure created on the lungs make the condition more worsen.

Eating Large Meals

If a person has large meals, the person may experience trouble breathing. The excess food in the stomach is pushed upwards to the lungs leading to breathing trouble. Even the condition becomes severe if the food is sugary, oily and greasy. The lungs again push the diaphragm back into the stomach causing serious complications.

Quick Eating

Eating quickly and taking in large portions of food at one go may cause trouble breathing after eating. The oxygenated blood that is present already is not sufficient for the food digestion. This would result in difficulty in breathing. Eating small portions of food keeps away the digestion problems and provides comfort breathing.

Food Allergies

Some people are allergic to some food items and this is also a cause for trouble breathing. When such foods are consumed, the body cannot tolerate and trouble breathing may also be the symptom.

Acid Reflux

People may find difficulty in breathing if they are suffering from acid reflux disease. Acid reflux is usually followed by gastroesophageal respiratory disease (GERD) and lead to trouble breathing.


Excess consumption of alcohol causes trouble breathing. The main reason for this is that alcohol is a depressant and affects breathing causing shallow and slow breaths. Another reason is that some ingredients present in alcohol invoke allergic responses in people that leads to difficult in breathing.

Trouble breathing after eating leads to several health issues. It affects the quality of life. Hence the cause for the condition is to be identified and measures are to be taken to prevent serious complications.

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