Reasons to Choose Vegetarian

To have a healthy digestive system and avoid all the disorders related to digestive tract, a proper diet and lifestyle has to be maintained. Vegetarian diet is very good and keeps a person healthy. Here are few reasons mentioned to choose vegetarian:

Increased energy and endurance –

A good vegetarian diet improves the concentration power, stamina and well-being. It has been studied that athletes who take only vegetarian diet improved their endurance trice to the ones who are carnivorous.

Health –

Consuming meat is linked with many disease conditions. The conditions include kidney stones, osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and cancers. Hence, by cutting down meat in your diet provides a life-long health and happiness.

Humans are vegetarian by design –

Our hands are designed for gathering food and not flesh cutting. In the same manner, the flat teeth are for grinding vegetables and grains but not for tearing flesh. Saliva possess alpha-amylase enzyme that digests carbohydrates of plant foods and not animal foods. Hence, the body possess right apparatus for vegetarian food but not non-vegetarian food.

Avoid food toxins –

Meat products contain dangerous toxins such as antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and hormones that have an serious effect on digestive tract. They are soluble only in animals but not humans.

Care for the environment –

One should care for the environment and its resources. Killing and eating animals reduce the resources and thus we ourselves are devastating the environment.

Compassion for animals –

Animals raised for slaughter has to suffer until death. Most of us do not think of the torture the animals experience. But we need to think about them and have a compassion on them.

It has been studied that consuming meat lead to risk of developing many disease conditions. The conditions include breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, gallstones, kidney stones, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart diseases. Animal products like eggs and meat increase the fat content in body. Vegetarians are at 20% less risk of developing digestive disorders than non-vegetarians.

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