Is There a Link Between Heartburn and Anxiety

Most of the people assume that heartburn and anxiety are connected to each other. This assumption can be correct as emotional factors can cause many physical illnesses. Many of the physical symptoms we suffer may arise as a result of increased stress and other emotions in life. When a person is anxious, the condition of heartburn may get worse.

Heartburn and Anxiety Connection

The link between the heartburn and anxiety is just like a “chicken or the egg” situation. Both conditions can be the reason for the other.

  • If a person is under an unusual amount of anxiety or stress, the person may experience heartburn symptoms. The reason behind this is that stomach glands secrete excess acids if the body undergoes stress.
  • The heartburn sometimes cause the heart to beat more than the normal. This could lead to panic attack or anxiety in a person.

What Can be Done about Heartburn and Anxiety

The heartburn and anxiety conditions can be coped up by some stress management techniques. The techniques include:

  • Regular exercising
  • Therapy with anti-anxiety medication
  • Putting down weight
  • Eating healthier food
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Yoga or meditation

Anxiety can lead to serious depression in some circumstances. Hence, it is very important to take care of the condition in a serious manner. Even the frequent episodes of heartburn are caused by stress and anxiety. It is therefore important to take care of both the conditions and take the necessary steps.

What Not to Do for Heartburn and Anxiety

Many factors can make the heartburn worse. Heartburn occurs especially when you lie down or bend immediately after taking heavy meals. It becomes more worse when you wear tight clothing that puts an extra pressure on the stomach. Anxiety and pregnancy are the other reasons for heartburn. Therefore, you should follow certain measures so that heartburn and anxiety cannot occur.

  • Avoid fatty, oily and acidic foods (citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato products)
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and coffee
  • Smoking, peppermint and chocolate make the heartburn worse. Hence, they should be avoided
  • Make a habit of eating small meals rather than heavy meals at a time
  • Avoid lying down just after eating

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