Is There a Link Between Heartburn and Back Pain

Heartburn produces painful symptoms for most of the people. The pain is so intense that the person feels it even in the back part and middle region of the body. Thus, both the heartburn and backpain seems to be connected. But you can even feel the back pain during a heartattack. In this situation when you get the back pain, it would be better if you consult a physician immediately. But you should also know how these both heartburn and back pain are connected. The following article discusses on some tips that help you to understand the conditions better.

Why Heartburn and Back Pain are Connected

There is a connection between heartburn and back pain and there is no doubt in that.

  • If you suffer from frequent episodes of heartburn especially during nights, you can try to relieve from the condition by raising your head.
  • This can be achieved by piling up additional pillows below the head.
  • Heartburn can also keep you away from sleeping in the postures that you would mostly prefer.
  • You can experience discomfort in the back that makes you to wake up from the sleep.

This is the reason why the heartburn and backpain occur at the same time. You may find relief by sleeping in different positions. Consult a chiropractor or a physician for back pain relief.

When to Worry

  • It is very important to know when heartburn and back pain occur and what would be the cause for it. This is because the heartattack can be mistaken for hearburn by many affected people.
  • Especially, in women the symptoms of heart attacks are same as symptoms of digestive disorders.
  • But if there is heart attack, the heartburn and back pain are associated with other symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue and nausea. In these situations, you should consult a physician.

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