Causes of Rectal Bleeding in Men

Rectal bleeding refers to a condition in which red blood cells are discharged from the anus combined with stools. It is an abdominal disorder and medically called


. The bleeding is observed in the form of bright red colored stools, maroon stools, tarry stools and black stools. Severe to mild rectal bleeding in men can lead to depletion of blood in the body. This would lead to symptoms like fainting, low blood pressure, nausea, dizziness and weakness. Rectal bleeding can lead to serious consequences that needs immediate medical attention.

Rectal Bleeding in Men Causes

Rectal bleeding in men has many causes. The causes are as follows:

Hemorrhoids –

Hemorrhoids are clumps of tissues that form in the blood vessels due to straining of anus when hard stools are passed out. This causes the blood vessels in the anus to dilate that leads to bleeding and discomfort.

Anal Fissure –

Anal fissures are the common causes for rectal bleeding in men. They occur due to forceful bowel movements in which blood is discharged as well as the lining of the anus gets torn. Severe pain is also felt while passing stools.

Diverticulosis –

It is a condition in which the the diverticula (sacs of colon) project out. The projection happens mainly due to weakness in the colon wall or high pressure spasms of colon. Thu, leading to mild bleeding form rectum.

Fistula –

It is an unusual channel that extends from the rectum to the skin around anus. It occurs due to inflammation of the intestine and causes whitish discharge. It causes bleeding and pain while passing stools.

Polyps and Cancer –

These are the tumours that occur in the large intestine and cause bleeding when enlarged. Some polyps develop into malignant cancers also called colon cancer. They cause rectal bleeding along with bright red colored or maroon colored stools.

Proctitis and Colitis –

This occurs due to inflammation of colon, rectum or both. If the inflammation occurs only in rectum, it is proctitis. If the inflammation spreads to colon, it is colitis. Proctitis is accompanied by the symptoms such as rectal urgency, diarrhea and cramps. Colitis is accompanied by bleeding.

Rectal Prolapse –

This condition seen in older people that happens when the rectal tissues become weak. The rectum bulges abnormally that eventually leads to bleeding.

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