Bacterial Infection in Intestinal Tract – Symptoms and Causes

Bacteria are minute microorganisms that are present worldwide in every environment. Some bacteria help in health promotion while some others cause infections. Bacterial infection in intestinal tract is a serious life threatening condition. The following article discusses about the bacterial infections in the intestinal tract.

What is Bacterial Infection in Intestinal Tract

The most crucial part of the digestive tract is intestine that lies in between the stomach and anus. It consists of two parts – small intestine and large intestine.

  • In small intestine, essential amino acids and glucose are absorbed.
  • In large intestine, water is absorbed from indigestible food that helps in eliminating the waste materials from the body.

A number of bacteria reside in the digestive tract. Some of the bacteria help in digestion while some other bacteria cause infections.

Symptoms of Bacterial Infection in Intestinal Tract.

Bacterial infection in the intestinal tract causes many intestinal affects that are mentioned below.

  • Loss of appetite –

    Intestinal infections can lead to appetite loss. The reason behind this is the normal eating habits are hindered due to the intestinal infections. Hence, there would be a drop in food intake.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome –

    One of the major causes for irritable bowel syndrome is bacterial infection in the intestinal tract. This condition is characterized by stomach discomfort and abdominal pain.

  • Abdominal Pain –

    Abdominal pain, if experienced for a long period of time is dangerous. It may be due to intestinal infection by bacteria.

  • Poor Immune System –

    Bacterial infection absorbs nutrients into the body thus, leading to poor immune system.

  • Diarrhea –

    Several types of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Shigells, Salmonella and Campylobacter are responsible for diarrhea that eventually leads to dehydration.

Causes of Bacterial Infection in Intestinal Tract

The common cause that would lead to bacterial infection in intestinal tract is consuming unhygienic food that may be fed or infected by bacteria. Unhygienic and poorly cooked food increases the risk of bacterial infections. They cause food poisoning that would lead to serious infections in intestinal tract.

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