Rectal Bleeding during Pregnancy

Rectal bleeding during pregnancy is commonly caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are the dilated veins that occur around the rectum. They develop mostly during the last trimester and early after giving birth. If you pass hard stools or strain during bowel movements, these veins would rupture and bleed. The other cause is anal fissures that develop as a result of constipation. These are the cracks on the anal skin that would bleed.

Is Rectal Bleeding During Pregnancy is Serious Problem

  • Usually rectal bleeding is not a serious problem because it commonly happens during pregnancy. But a careful diagnosis is required to see whether it is not caused by serious conditions.
  • Rectal bleeding caused by hemorrhoids will stop on its own if you would take certain measures to prevent constipation. If the condition becomes severe, consult a physician so that a proper treatment is provided.
  • If you happen to see blood marks on the toilet tissue, it would be difficult to tell whether the bleeding is from vagina or rectum. Consult a physician so that the cause would be determined.

How to Prevent Rectal Bleeding during Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids and anal fissures that are the main causes of rectal bleeding during pregnancy are to be treated. Both conditions are brought about by constipation, so tips to easy and prevent constipation should be followed.

  • Drink lots of water i.e at-least 8 – 10 glasses per day. Fruit juices are also very effective.
  • Consume foods rich in fiber such as whole-grain breads, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits everyday. For better results, add little unprocessed wheat bran to the cereal and consume it in the morning.
  • Never neglect or resume from bowel movements if you feel the urge.
  • Perform regular exercises. Yoga, swimming and walking help to ease constipation and makes you feel healthy and fit.
  • Take the over-the-counter fiber supplements only after taking prescription from the doctor.

Some additional tips for preventing hemorrhoids

  • Try cold and hot compresses. They provide instant comfort to the pregnant women. Apply the compresses alternately i.e apply ice pack followed by heating pad.
  • Perform Kegel exercises daily. Tense the muscles around the anus and vagina and hold as such for few seconds. Then relax them slowly. Repeat the exercise at-least 25 times. These exercises improve the blood circulation and strengthens the muscles. Thus, they help in preventing the hemorrhoids. They even tone the muscles around urethra and vagina.
  • Use unscented, soft toilet tissues that cause less irritation than the others. Moist tissues also would be helpful.
  • Use the prescribed medications and topical anesthetics regularly. They relieve the inflammation.

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