Bowel in Breast fed Versus Bottle fed Babies

The bowel movements among the breastfed babies is different from those who are bottle-fed. Variation can be noticed in the color, consistency and odor of the stool. After a few days of birth, the baby is supposed to pass blackish or dark green colored stool, which is the menocium. Menosium is the accumulated amniotic fluid inside the body of the newborn. When the digestive system starts developing inside the womb, the newborn swallows amniotic fluid. After birth, this fluid is expelled out of his body in the form of dark colored, sticky stool.

Breast-fed Versus Bottle-fed babies

  • After the third week of birth, the stools starts appearing orange-yellow in color. This occurs among newborns who are breastfed. Their stools are sweet-smelling, resembling that of warm milk.
  • But those who are bottle-fed will pass stools which are pale brown in color and are more solid in texture. Their odor is also very strong.
  • Expected poos should be soft and slightly runny until solid food is introduced into their diet.
  • Babies who are breastfed have lesser difficulty with digestion compared to the formula-fed babies.
  • The incidence of diarrhea or constipation is also lesser in babies who are breast-fed.
  • A healthy mother cannot have Vitamin D supplements, but breast milk has Vitamin D in it. This nutrient is synthesized in our skin when exposed to early sunlight. But in formulated milk, the Vitamin D may be lacking.

Breast milk is often regarded as the complete food for a baby. It consists of protein (casein and whey), lactose and fat, which can be digested easily by a human digestive system of a baby. The digestive system of a newborn is immature so it cannot digest all kinds of complex food materials. Breast milk also contains vitamins and minerals in it.

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  1. A main cause of having greenstool is strictly from your diet. This can come in a variety of ways but it’s usually temporary and will subside.

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