Home Remedies of Constipation in children

Constipation can be painful in children. Children often feel insecure because of it and it can really be an embarrassing experience for them. Constipation must not be left unattended. It may lead to some kind of serious illness. If your child is shy to visit a physician, then you can always treat him within the privacy of your own home.

Home Remedies to cure Constipation

The following home remedies can be used to keep your child away from his embarrassment and the pain from constipation.

Prune Juice

  • Take a handful of organic prunes.
  • Put them in boiling water and keep them soaked overnight.
  • Strain them and give the drink to the child by teaspoon to drink the following day.

Apple Juice

  • Strain and squeeze out some freshly obtained apple juice.
  • Dilute it with a little water and give it to your baby.
  • Do not give in plenty.

Diet for breastfeeding mothers

  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of mineral water in a day.
  • Include more fresh fruits juices (like apple or grapes).
  • This will pass the gentle laxative effects to your breastfed baby.

Diet modification

  • Constipation begins in the child after starting with solid foods. You need to make some modifications in it to help constipation.
  • Introduce only one food at a time so that the problem-causing food can be identified.
  • Start slowly with soft solid foods.
  • In most cases, unripe bananas are a common cause of constipation in children.
  • Give completely ripe bananas whose skins have blackened. This is ideal for your child to digest easily.
  • Do not start with non-veg, specifically eggs and poultry until your child is a year old.
  • Some babies may undergo difficulty to pass stool after consuming too much milk. In such cases, replace milk with a non dairy substitute.
  • You may start with rice and oats (boiled and softened).
  • Give apples, grapes, carrots, pears and celery sticks to munch as snacks.
  • Instead of using white bread, cakes, biscuits or other commercially available cereals, give wholemeal bread, muesli-type cereals, brown rice and pasta.


  • Take some ginger root or Liquorice and sweeten it with plenty of honey.
  • Convince your child to take the preparation in sips for 2-3 times in day. This will ease constipation.


  • Linseeds are excellent for stubborn cases of constipation.
  • Give 1 tsp of linseeds (powdered) to your baby every day.
  • This can be given after mixing with soups or cereal foods.

Massage and strokes

  • Give gentle strokes on your child’s tummy in a clockwise manner.
  • Aromatherapy treatment can be done in children over 5 years of age.
  • Take some Rosemary, Marjoram and Black Pepper and add to 6-10 drops (or 30 ml) of Avocado Oil. The above ingredients can either be used singly or in combinations. Massage the preparation on your child.

  • Help your child

    Avoid giving over the counter laxatives. They might cause harm to your child due to the presence of harsh chemicals in it. Give them glycerin suppositories but do check that these do not make your child dependent on them. Do not give it often. If no relief is observed with the signs of constipation, go for medical check up immediately. You never know, it can be a sign of a serious medical problem.

    To prevent constipation, diet and nutrition must be given enough importance. High fiber content in the diet is a must to ensure proper bowel movement. Kids might not have developed the taste for it. So it is completely your responsibility to feed them healthy and keep them healthy.

    Some of the high fiber foods to choose from are as follows

    Whole Grains

    Give your child a strict whole grain diet as this helps in resolving the problems related to bowel movements. Cereals are the best source of whole grains. Another source of fiber is oatmeal. Make a transition in your child’s lunch to whole grain breads. Serve your child with whole-wheat spaghetti or brown rice instead of processed wheat varieties. These help in relieving from constipation.

    Fruits and Vegetables
    Vegetables and fruits are very rich in fiber content. They help in providing the child with extra bulk that they need. Serve your child with fresh fruits and vegetables as many times as possible at snack and meal times. Make the child eat the fruits along with the skin. Skins of potatoes, pears and apples contain more amount of fiber. Legumes and beans also serve as a good source for fiber.

    Fiber Supplements
    Sources of natural fiber are available as supplements. They increase the fiber content and aid the digestion process. Parents should consult the child’s paediatrician before giving their children fiber supplements and seek the correct advice. Wheat germ and oat bran powder mixed with meat balls can be given as a dietary food. Also a cup of oatmeal with baked cookies serves as a fiber supplement.

    Healthy Snacks
    Children suffering from constipation need not give up snacks and treats. Parents should choose snacks in such a way that they are rich in fiber content. The best snack that provides high fiber is popcorn. Some other snack items include yogurt, ice cream topped with crunchy nuts and oats and baked sweet potato chips.

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