Digestive System in the Newborns

The placenta is the virtual lifeline for a growing life inside the womb. It is only after its birth, he is capable of feeding itself by mouth. It can suck and swallow milk through its mouth and passing it to its digestive system. A newborn can be very delicate, so will be its digestive systems and body organs. Their intricate functions must be given utmost attention.

Why does a newborn lose body weight?

It is normal to lose some body weight during the first few days after delivery. Many parents might raise concern about it. But its absolutely normal. Fluctuations in the feeding amount will occur until a regular feeding schedule is established. The baby will undergo loss of fluid post-delivery similar to its mother. This occurs because your baby was on liquid diet completely for over nine months, which has now changed. This is a sign of adaptation to the normal world.

What will happen in the first few days of the birth?

During the first few days of life, your baby will lose up to 10% of body weight.  Several famous pediatric gastroenterologists have claimed this observation. It is also noticed that by the time your baby grows to about 2 weeks, he will add more weight to its original body weight.

Bowel movements in the newborns

The frequency, color, odor and texture of the bowel will vary in babies. The normal bowel in one baby will not be the same for another baby. There is no established standard to measure the normal occurrence. It depends on the diet of their mother, quality of milk they consume and others. Some newborns might pass single bowel in a day, while others may pass much more.

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