Constipation Prevention – Prevention of Constipation

The complete guide to constipation prevention needs a thorough understanding of what is Constipation. Unless the cause of constipation is known, constipation prevention cannot be performed. Our lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, other medical issues, physical inactiveness are all a few leading causes of constipation. By eradicating these, we may live a healthy life.

Prevention of constipation –

The following tips are essentials steps in prevention of the nagging constipation –

Exercise –

  • Some regular exercises are always advisable.
  • Take a brisk (30 minutes) walk everyday.

Water –

  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day.
  • If you are having painful or improper bowel, increase the consumption to 12-15 glasses of water in a day.

Diet –

  • Include more fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetable juices to your diet.
  • Avoid cereals, eat more of wholegrain.
  • Consume foods that have more fibre content in them.
  • Avoid any sugary foods.
  • Eat dried fruits daily, but do not over-eat.

Defecation –

  • Never kill the urge to defecate.
  • Do not put more pressure trying to defecate.

Other therapies –

  • Try acupuncture to improve bowel.
    • Place the tips of your fingers below your navel.
    • Press gently over the point.
  • Breath therapy can also help.
    • Hold your breath for 3 minutes.
    • Take deep slow breaths in the morning.

Lemon water can also be taken.

  • Take some lukewarm lemon juice every day in the morning.
  • Drink it at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

Which foods can Prevent Constipation?

You can always use remedies directly from your store or kitchen to treat constipation or improper bowel movement. The following foods will help in preventing constipation –

Water –

  • Drink more and more of water.
  • Include more fresh fruit juices in your diet.
  • Strictly restrict consuming caffeinated drinks.

Grains –

  • Bread, cereals, corns, lime beans can in included.

Fruits –

  • Apples can be a relief when consumed after meals.
  • Eat bananas in meals.

Honey –

  • Honey has laxative properties that can soothe the bowels.
  • Have 1tbs of honey everyday thrice.

Vinegar –

  • Take a glass of water. Add 1tbs of honey and vinegar to it.
  • Drink it in the morning.

Barley –

  • Consume barley in the form of flour or flakes.

Figs –

  • Take some figs and soak these overnight.
  • Eat these the next morning in breakfast.

Others –

  • Raisins, rhubarb, sesame seeds or walnuts can be used.

What is Constipation?

If you are not having proper bowel movement everyday, you might be suffering from constipation. Most cases of constipation are not very serious. You may defecate at least thrice in a day, while others may defecate thrice in a week. Passing of stool is dependent on the body type of individual person. But if you are having serious discomfort and pain during passing stool every day, then it is an alarming sign. This can be a sign of some underlying medical issue.

What causes Constipation?

The causes of constipation can be many. Modern lifestyle is the major cause of constipation. A few of the causes are mentioned below –

Junk foods –

We often eat junk foods more due to lack of time to cook proper food. Even, easy availability of fast foods is a common cause leading to constipation. These foods are low in fiber content and do not help much. These foods are spicy and fattening, affecting the abilities of digestion.

Drinking habits –

Drinking too little water will increase the dryness of the feces. This will make passing the stool difficult and painful. Drinking less water and more of caffeinated drinks also affect the digestive abilities of a person.

Other causes –

Medical illness can also lead to constipation. Some drugs can also lessen the moisture content of the fecal matter making the passing difficult. Emotional problems can also result in improper bowel movement. Physical inertness and laziness can also result in difficulty in the movement of the bowel.

What are the symptoms of Constipation?

  • Stool getting over dried and firmer, making it difficult to pass
  • Feeling of ‘fullness’ even after passing stool
  • Unable to pass stool for 3-4 days (3 or more in adults and 4 or more in children)
  • Feeling of nausea or loss of appetite, lack of concentration, increased irritation, slugginess
  • Abdominal pain, swelling or bloating
  • Headache

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