Tips to Improve Digestion Naturally

Many people suffer from ingestion and this is mainly because of the food and the lifestyle that we lead. A healthy digestive system is very important to live a healthy life. A few problems related to the digestive system are bloating, flatulence and belching. Below are a few tips to improve digestion naturally.

Tips to Improve Digestion Naturally

Drink between meals

as water helps in easy digestion. A person should drink atleast 7 – 10 glasses of water everyday. One should drink 2 glasses when one wakes up in the morning, 1 glass of water before meals and 2 glasses after having each meal. This helps in the bowel movement smooth and lubricated.

Avoid drinking while eating

your meals. This is because drinking anything while eating makes digestion less effective and dilutes the digestive juices. It also slows the digestion process.

Eat small meals

or something to munch to avoid gassy feeling. One can eat different types of food during the day but make sure it’s kept minimum.

Eat in a calm environment

as this would reduce you stress. If you are uncomfortable and feel anxious, make sure you change things for yourself. Avoid watching television while eating, limit talking over the phone or pick up pleasant conversations when eating. It’s more advisable to skip eating when you are feeling anxious, rather drink a glass of water or juice. It will make you feel better.

Chew your food properly

which is important for a proper digestion. Digestion of food starts in the mouth so don’t be in hurry to finish eating. Relax and chew your food well.

Include vegetables and fruits

for different meals. If one eats vegetables and fruits in one meal, it tends to slow down the digestion process. Either go with fruits or with vegetable in one meal.

Eat only when you feel hungry

because eating before time takes a longer time to digest the food. This also adds a lot of stress to the organs.

Lemon juice with water and maple syrup

is the best way for an easy digestion. This should be had half an hour before your meals.

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