Facts about the Digestive System

The gastrointestinal tract comprises of an alimentary canal and the other organs of abdomen that helps in digestion. The digestive tract is a long tube that extends from mouth to anus. Here are some amazing facts about digestive system.

Facts about the Digestive System

  • The gastrointestinal tract is made of hollow organs like mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine and anus. All these organs are lined by mucus membrane and the large intestine is also called colon-rectum.
  • The mucus membrane has glands that secrete some of the digestive enzymes which helps in the digestion of the food materials.
  • These organs also have a smooth layer of muscle that helps in the breaking down of the food particles and propels the food particles through the digestive tract and this process is called peristalsis.
  • Apart from the hollow organs, the digestive system consists of two other organs which are responsible for secreting bile that is a digestive enzyme which is sent to the intestine through the small tubes called as ducts.
  • The gallbladder stores all the digestive juices that which is secreted by the liver, till they are needed by the small and large intestines. But in some disease conditions gallbladder is removed and the person can lead a normal life if he/she takes some precautions regarding the diet.

Quick Facts

Here are some of the interesting facts about the process of digestion:

  • The oesophagus is about 10 – 14 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.
  • Salivary glands act on the food by the secretion of saliva that has enzymes for breaking starch into smaller molecules.
  • Every human being produces16 to 48 ounces of saliva everyday.
  • The digestive juices are acidic in origin and they are produced in stomach.
  • The capacity of an average adult to hold food material is around 1.5 litres.
  • The digestive juices have enzymes that helps in catalysing fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but liver secretes bile juice for fat digestion.
  • Around 11 litres of liquid, digestive food and juices are circulated in the gastrointestinal system, out of which only 100 millilitre is eliminated as a waste product.

Well these are some of the facts of the gastrointestinal tract and thus, for a person to be fit and healthy proper functioning of the digestive system is necessary.

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