Better Digestion – Tips for Better Digestion

“You are what you eat” as goes the old saying is absolutely true because you are what you eat and absorb. Better digestion is something that can be done by simple changes in your lifestyle. Strengthening the digestive system is a key step in achieving a better digestion. Here are some of the simple steps that can enhance your digestion and promotes nutrient absorption.

Tips for Better Digestion

Consume Properly Cooked Foods

  • According to the Eastern medicine, food should be burned in the fire of digestion.
  • Raw and cold foods should be heated because they can weaken and dampen the fire of digestion.
  • People who have a weak digestive system would so well with little or no cold or raw foods and drinks.
  • This means try to have more of cooked vegetables and fruits than consuming raw and taking hot soups or bean and grain dishes instead of snack-type meals or sandwiches.
  • Never try to cool the fire with ice or cold drinks during any meal.

Chew your food well

  • You need to chew your the food you take each time at least 30 times.
  • This helps in the break down of food into smaller particles, which allows the salivary enzymes to start their work of digestion.
  • You need to put down your fork or spoon after each mouthful and chew them well before taking another bite as this gives you time to chew your food.

Eat in a peaceful and relaxed environment

  • When you eat in an environment that is peaceful and calm then it makes you feel better and makes the digestion better.
  • To implement this method try to avoid reading, working, arguing, talking or watching television when you eat.
  • You will surely see a vast difference.

Eat simply

  • Do not mix complex foods as it can tax the digestive system.
  • You could experiment with simpler meals like 2 or 3 foods.
  • But it is always better to eat the simple way.

Eat fruits between meals, not along with meals

  • Raw fruit has the tendency to moist the digestive fire.
  • Those with weak digestion might have observed that when you eat raw fruit with a meal it results in bloating and intestinal gas.
  • Cooked fruit is a better one but, you can go for the raw ones occasionally.
  • Raw fruit can be a problem especially if the digestive system is on fumes.

Drink hot water and hot herbal teas

  • Drink hot water or hot herbal teas as they help in detoxification of the body and rebuilds the digestive health.
  • You could also prepare tea out of ginger root as it stimulates digestion.
  • Even if ginger is taken along with food or a candied ginger is taken after meals, it has the same effect.
  • Other herbal teas that aids in digestion are peppermint, cinnamon and chamomile.

Eat freshly cooked foods

  • Foods that are cooked freshly and are free of staleness or moulds are the most nourishing.
  • It is always better to eat a freshly cooked and a simple meal than preparing with the leftovers.

Avoid overeating

  • Do not consume too much of food as this can be a burden to the digestive system.
  • The ancient ayurveda had stated that you need to consume food that will fit into your cupped hands for any meal.
  • Even if you are a bit hungry try to move away from the table.

Sit and Relax for few Minutes

  • Digestion is an amazing and a bit complicated process.
  • If you rest and sit still after each meal, then the body focuses on the digestion process by making it less complicated.

Seek professional help to determine the source of the problem. Even after following these simple lifestyle changes, if the digestive problems are not resolved then consult your doctor immediately. Consulting a doctor is important as they help in investigating any medical illness that is affecting the digestive system.

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