Frequent Heartburn – How to Stop Frequent Heartburn

Heartburn is something that everybody has faced at some point or another. Some people face frequent heartburn like they suffer from it many times a week and some suffer almost everyday. So, there is frequent heartburn treatment for people suffering from this problem very frequently. Many a times people are prescribed with medications to get rid of this problem but, it is not the only way to prevent or treat this problem. There are many simple ways to treat this problem of heartburn.

Ways to stop Frequent Heartburn

Here are simple methods to prevent and stop frequent heart burn:

  • You can alter your diet as this can help in the prevention of heartburn. It is seen that high fatty foods increase the chances of suffering from heartburn. It means that you should avoid foods that are rich in fats like fried stuffs that use large quantity of oils.
  • Highly acidic foods can irritate your stomach and it is not recommended. Spicy foods also have to be avoided and so, if you are a frequent heartburn sufferer, it is strongly recommended not to eat foods that are too spicy though you may enjoy it.
  • You need to diagnose those foods that triggers heartburn and it would be wise of you to keep a food journal to identify the trigger factor and try to reduce heartburn.
  • Immediate relief is something that everybody wants to have. One thing you can do is sit upright and raise the head and neck. If you are lying down then you need to get up and sit for sometime.
  • Avoid the intake of citrus fruits if you suffer from frequent heartburn.
  • When their is an imbalance in the stomach pH due to some foods then heartburn occurs. So take something that has calcium carbonate in it to get rid of heartburn as it is equalizes the acidic reaction. It not only gives you heartburn relief but, also is a great source of calcium.
  • If these simple techniques do not offer you with relief then you could opt for certain medications like antacids that can successfully treat frequent heartburn. These do a great job by giving you instant relief.

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