Foods that Cause Constipation

The most common cause of constipation is a diet high in fat and low in fiber. Many foods that cause constipation are cheese, snacks like pizza and chips and junk food. People who eat a diet that is rich in fiber are less likely to suffer from constipation. Soluble and insoluble is the part of the vegetables, grains, and fruits that cannot be digested. Fiber easily dissolves in water and takes a gel like, soft texture in the intestines. The soft texture and bulk of fiber prevent the formation of dry and hard stools.
A diet that is low in fiber plays a major role in constipation. Older adults choose convenient foods and they usually lose interest in eating and prefer eating foods that are low in fiber. There are many difficulties with swallowing or chewing and this can force the older adults to consume soft and processed foods that are low in fiber. According to the American Dietetic Association, Americans fall short of 20 – 35 grams because they eat only 5 – 14 grams of fiber everyday. A list of low fiber foods are meat, snacks, cheese, ice-cream, processed foods. Here are those foods that cause constipation.

Foods that Cause Constipation

Some of the foods that cause constipation are:

  • Processed foods

    – Processed foods include processed packaged foods where the fiber content is removed, white rice, pastries, sugars and refined white flour.

  • Foods high in hydrogenated and animal fats

    – These foods are ice cream, cheese, fatty meats, and snacks like chips, pizza, and whole milk.

  • Caffeine, High sugar drinks

    – Drinks that cause constipation are coffee, alcohol, colas and fruit juice because the fiber is removed from the juice.

Constipation is mainly caused by changes in the diet but sometimes it can be a sign of any disease like irritable bowel syndrome, nervous system and metabolism problems. Here are some other causes of constipation apart from food. They are:

  • Disrupted routine in bowel movements while travelling
  • Holding back the urge to defecate
  • Too little fiber in diet
  • Decreased consumption of water
  • Medications and drugs
  • Tension and stress
  • Lack of exercise

Therefore, now you have come to know the foods that cause constipation and other causes also. So, now try to avoid these foods to prevent constipation and to have healthy bowel movements.

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