Constipation myths – Is it normal or not?

Lack of knowledge is always the cause of any serious medical ailment. Only hearing facts will not help. Several studies have been conducted to cross-check various beliefs and myths associated with several health concerns. Example – in case of constipation; several myths are associated with it. Lack of knowledge would cause much stress and anxiety in case of constipation. Sticking to magnified fears and baseless remedies can be debilitating. Your overall peace of mind, work performance, sleeping and eating habits will be lost due to the discomfort.

We have gathered a few myths and facts regarding constipation that would give you a better understanding over the whole discomfort –

  1. Myth –

    It is abnormal when you do not pass stool at least once in a day.

    Fact –

    Less than 50% of people have one bowel in a day, others have less.

  2. Myth –

    Passing less than 5-6 bowels in a week is a sign of chronic constipation.

    Fact –

    About 95% of adults have bowel movements between 3-21 times in a week.

  3. Myth –

    The accumulation of toxins within the intestine makes the bowel movements infrequent.

    Fact –

    There are no evidences to prove that accumulation of toxins or wastes in the intestines causes constipation. Try eating more of fibre, milk of magnesia or laxatives for help.

  4. Myth –

    There should be an increase in the number of bowels over age.

    Fact –

    The number of bowel decreases over age.

  5. Myth –

    Not many people suffer from chronic constipation.

    Fact –

    Chronic constipation is a serious and a very common issue. It requires immediate attention.

  6. Myth –

    Healthy diet, regular exercises, plenty of fluid intakes will never make you a victim of chronic constipation.

    Fact –

    Even psychological issues and certain underlying causes can trigger constipation.

Is Chronic Constipation a warning?

If you are observing sudden change in your bowel habits, then it can be a sign of bacterial infections, viral infections, obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract, colon cancer or inflammatory bowel disease. Suffering from either or a combination of symptoms mentioned below needs immediate medical attention –

  • Constipation lasting more than 2 weeks
  • Diarrhea not getting cured within 3-4 days of occurrence
  • Severe signs of diarrhea lasting for more than 2 days
  • Unable to pass stool irrespective of having unexplained urges
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Black or tarry-colored stools

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