Best Food Poisoning Remedies

Food poisoning effects gets cleared within few days on its own in many of the cases. But, if you take some safety precautions related to food, kitchen appliances then food poisoning will never occur. There are many

food poisoning remedies

that can be used at home for treating food poisoning. If food poisoning is not treated even after following these remedies then consult a doctor for immediate treatment.

Food Poisoning Remedies

There are many remedies that are used to treat food poisoning. They are:

  • You can drink unpasteurized and undiluted apple cider vinegar.
  • According to Julian Whitaker the president of Whitaker Wellness Center, you need to eat bread because it has the power to soak the poison and gives immediate relief.
  • Drink 1 cup of tea made of ginger immediately after meals as it promotes proper digestion and relieves nausea and heart burn.
  • Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in hot cup of water before meals for preventing acid indigestion.
  • Drink herbal tea made of raspberry, mint, blackberry and chamomile.
  • You can also add 3 drops of garlic oil to ½ cup of soya oil and rub this mixture to the stomach after your meals.
  • You can also drink one fourth cup of charcoal powder that is mixed with one glass of water.

Simple Remedy for Food Poisoning

You can also follow other simple remedies like you can add 3 to 4 drops in water every hour, which allows the poison to get out of the body through motions and vomiting. If you follow this procedure then you will observe that these poisonous foods and water are thrown out of the body. When this occurs, drink lots of water with salt and sugar. This should make you feel better and you may get sour burps. You can have this mint essence each time you eat heavily or overeat in a party or restaurant.

In many of the cases, the most effective treatment is to lie down and drink lots of water, light tea or diluted fruit juices. You can also do deep breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques as it helps the symptoms of food poisoning like relieves stomach cramps and reduces the frequency of bowel movements by calming the irritated stomach and the intestines. Therefore, follow these simple remedies for treating food poisoning and if the symptoms does not reduce then consult a doctor immediately.

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