Facts About Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclic vomiting syndrome



) is a disorder that leads to unexplained cycles or periods of vomiting in a person. This under-diagnosed syndrome can last for several hours to a few days depending on the patient. No particular symptoms are evident, but a person suffering from this disorder can experience sever nausea or a slight stomach ache at times.

Facts About Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome:

Let us look at some general facts about this syndrome.

  • First, for very long, CVS was considered to be a paediatric or disorder of the children. But now, it has been found that both children and adults are likely to suffer from this disorder and of late the incidence in adults has been increasing. Also, adults are now the fastest accumulators of this disease.
  • CVS and migraine headaches are highly related. Researches have confirmed that people or children who are affected with this syndrome have someone in their family who has suffered from migraine. The reason for the use of migraine medications for treating CVS is its connection to migraine.
  • The episodes of this syndrome usually follow the same pattern. For instance, they occur at the same time in a day, last for the same duration everyday and also the associated symptoms and their intensity levels remain the same.
  • People who suffer from CVS can have severe intensity of vomiting (worser than the one from flu). Patients would have to get rehydrated every evening and also the accompanying abdominal pain may be severe.
  • All the races across the globe can suffer from this syndrome while it is the females who are more likely to get affected when compared to males.
  • While some children who suffer from this disease would develop migraines, a few would carry this disease all their life.
  • One of the biggest problems for the sufferers of this syndrome is diagnosis. By the time one can diagnose the underlying cause for the vomiting episodes, the patient would have already suffered a lot.
  • During the vomiting episodes, people who suffer from CVS become sensitive to light, temperature and noise. Some may even go pale and unresponsive during these episodes.

Cyclic vomiting syndrome

can be very exhaustive both for the sufferer and the family.

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