Sitz Bath for the Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids formed in the rectal area cause anal bleeding. Bleeding, if caused without pain is alright, but it can also be accompanied by severe pain in the anal region. One of the best ways to heal existing hemorrhoids is a

sitz bath

. Not only is this treatment natural, but also very effectively controls the pain caused by these sores before they are healed.

Sitz Bath:

Previously the sitz technique was used for the treatment of skin infections and irritations with the help of warm water. Of late, this technique has become increasingly popular among sufferers of hemorrhoids as well.

  • For the treatment of hemorrhoids, buy a plastic tub (to use for pouring the warm water) that would fit into your toilet seat appropriately.
  • Later, add baking soda or plain salt to the warm water in the plastic tub.
  • Seat yourselves on the tub (at least for 20 minutes) so that your anal region is soaked.

This way, you can not only cleanse the infected area, but also, you would help the blood flow to the pelvic area increase allowing a quick healing.


The first doctor’s advice for any one suffering from hemorrhoids is this technique. So, what benefits does this technique offer that it is so popular?

  • Firstly, the treatment is natural and is low in cost.
  • Secondly, the relief is immediate in many as one experiences less irritation and pain because of the sores.

Salt or baking soda act as natural antibiotics thus, completely eliminating the infection (with regular use, of course) with no side-effects whatsoever. There are also expensive bath tubs that are available for use in this technique, but even a simple one is also enough.

As a Combination:

There are so many natural ways through which one can get rid of his/her hemorrhoids. Combining these techniques would produce quick and better results.

  • For instance, consuming foods rich in high fiber would produce laxative stools thus, not irritating the sores so much when passing it. Also, it is important to avoid constipation which is also a major cause of hemorrhoids. Fiber-rich foods also help avoid issues with constipation.

If the hemorrhoids are healed through a

sitz bath

, it is well and good. But, if the condition persists or worsens, it is important to consult a doctor immediately to seek the right medication.

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