Amoebiasis – Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies


is an infection usually spread by the parasite amoeba

Entamoeba Histolytica

. Although,


also refers to the same infection, it is seldom used to describe the condition. There are several other kinds of amoeba that can affect the humans, but other than Entamoeba Histolytica, it is only


that can cause



A Gastrointestinal Infection:

The parasite entamoeba histolytica usually affects the large intestine, but in many, the existence of the parasite may or may not show symptoms as it can lay latent for a long time.

It has been estimated that the infection leads to around 70,000 deaths worldwide.

Two Major Problems:

When the infection becomes severe, the following two major problems can occur-

  1. the intestinal lining can be invaded and the person affected can suffer from amoebic dysentery
  2. if the infection were to pass into the blood stream, it can reach the liver and cause liver abcesses (a mass of pus that either attaches itself to the liver or is present in it).

Even if the person were to go asymptomatic, he/she would still be a potential carrier of the parasite.


Let us look at some of the most common symptoms of this infection.

  • diarrhea which can cause loose and foul smelling stools
  • presence of mucous and blood in the stools
  • repetitive urge to defecate
  • abdominal cramps

As mentioned above, the liver can develop abcesses or cysts or hepatitis.

Causes of the Infection:

The major reason why the infection spreads is a lack of good hygienic practices. Apart from that, the parasites are mostly spread through-

  • intake of contaminated water
  • contaminated foods, vegetables and fruits
  • unsafe oral sexual contact.

Home Remedies:

The best way to prevent the infection is to maintain good hygienic practices. Inspite of that, if you were to pick the infection, the following home remedies can prove to be useful-

  • Take the kernel from the dried seeds of mango and bael fruits. Mix a teaspoonful of the two kernels and ground them. Take the grounded mixture along with rice gruel once a day. Do this for four days.
  • Drink the juice obtained from ripe bael fruits once a week. This will maintain the bowel health.
  • Take an unripe bael fruit, roast it and obtain the pulp. Consume the pulp with a teaspoonful sugar or jaggery. This is very helpful for people who pass stools with blood or mucous.
  • Bael fruit jam, if eaten in the morning on an empty stomach, maintains the health of the digestive system.

Young adults and children should be particularly careful about


as they are the most vulnerable to the infection.

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