Digestive Enzymes as Nutritional Supplements

Digestive enzymes

secreted by the pancreatic gland of the human body play an important role in breaking down fats, proteins, carbohydrates and toxins present in the food thus, providing an overall nutrition to the body. These enzymes which occur naturally in the body actually act as nutritional supplements and play a vital role in improving the metabolism of diabetics and allergics.

Digestive Enzymes:

The human body would not get a proper nutritional value if the foods consumed by us were not to be broken down into sub-particles inside. Enzymes, which are proteins by nature, help in the food breaking process and play an important role in seeing that the body gets a proper nutritional output from the diet consumed.


Without the presence of these enzymes, the food we consume would be impossible to digest. Also, it is a proper balance and presence of these enzymes that prevent gastrointestinal problems like acidity and heartburn. With the advent of junk food or fast food, our body is actually being starved of enzymes.

It is thus, essential for every one of us to supplement these enzymes through a proper diet. Consumption of processed and cooked foods can leave the body bankrupt of enzymes.

Natural Food Sources That Act As Enzyme Supplements:

The following raw foods should be eaten either before a meal or before consuming any kind of heavy cooked foods. These foods are a wonderful source for dietary enzymes.

  • papaya
  • pineapple
  • vegetable juice
  • sprouts
  • raw fruits and vegetables
  • raw nuts and seeds

Enzymes as Supplements:

For people who suffer from allergies and diabetes, often are prescribed enzyme supplements to aid in their treatment.

  • Diabetics are usually asked to consume vegetable juices and raw vegetables a lot. These raw foods contain the enzyme amylase which helps break down complex compounds like starch into simpler sugars.
  • For people suffering from allergies, usually a combined enzyme supplement is recommended which would break down toxins responsible for initiating allergic reactions.
  • Apart from diabetics and allergics, people who suffer from chronic pain and those who are aiming at losing weight can benefit from a supplement of

    digestive enzymes


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  1. You can shake all the fruits and vegetables for ease of drinking. These specific post can prevent also some cancer issues like colon. Nice post keep up the good work!

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