What is Inguinal Hernia?

The protrusion of the small intestine through a weakened abdominal wall is called

inguinal hernia

. The protruded small intestine usually pushes itself into the inguinal region or the groin. Hence, this hernia is also called groin hernia. This hernia is usually visible to the naked eye in the form of a soft bulge, usually in the groin region or where ever the protrusion has occurred.

Causes of Inguinal Hernia:

The testicles in males start developing in the abdomen during the fetal stage itself. They reach their current position (which we observe in males) during the course of development by pushing themselves through the inguinal canal.

  • After the child is delivered, this inguinal canal is closed allowing the testicles to remain intact in the scrotum. The closing of the inguinal canal also makes sure that the testicles don’t fall back into the abdomen.
  • But in a few, the inguinal canal may remain closed improperly, causing the small intestine to protrude and thus, the hernia.

Classification: Inguinal hernias can be classified into two types-

  • Direct.

    Direct hernia is actually a congenital disorder which can affect both the sexes.. As explained above, an improper closure of the inguinal canal which causes the protrusion of the small intestine. Pregnancy is a very common cause for women who suffer from this kind of hernia.

  • Indirect.

    Indirect hernia usually occurs at an adult stage and only affects men. The small intestine tears a weak connective tissue and pushes itself through the abdominal wall in males. Being obese, lifting heavy weights and straining to pass stool can be a reason for this kind of hernia.


The symptoms of the protrusion may vary from person to person, but a few symptoms are usually general.

  • visible bulge in the groin region
  • pain which worsens while coughing or sneezing
  • the intestine may be blocked either partially or completely, only if the hernia is severe.

Treatment: Inguinal hernia

is a common occurrence among men and women and the surgery related to this hernia is a very commonly performed one.




are two surgical options available based on the age of the patient and the protrusion.

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