What is Nonulcer Dyspepsia?

Nonulcer dyspepsia


functional dyspesia


nonulcer stomach pain

is the presence of indigestion symptoms with no apparent or associated cause. Dyspepsia means indigestion. Usually, dyspepsia is caused by peptic ulcers, but a few symptoms of nonulcer dyspepsia resemble that of ulcer related indigestion. Although no reason for can be associated with indigestion, eating fast, eating under stress or eating too much can be a few reasons for indigestion.

On the whole, there is no evident reason for the problem and hence the name, functional dyspepsia.

Symptoms of Nonulcer Dyspepsia:

As already mentioned, a few symptoms are similar to dyspepsia caused by peptic ulcers. Like, belching, bloating, nausea and pain in the upper abdomen. Other symptoms are feeling full only just after consuming a few spoons and burning sensation in the chest or upper abdomen.

If the symptoms were to persist, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible. Complications like vomiting blood, breathing shortage, tarry stools and radiating pain in the jaw, neck or arm need immediate medical attention.


Along with physical examination, a doctor would also like to perform blood tests, stool tests and endoscopy to understand the cause of the problem and also to eliminate the dilemma of peptic ulcers that also more or less lead to the same symptoms.

Risk Factors:

People who consume stimulants like coffee and tea in excessive amounts are known to be at a serious risk of developing nonulcer stomach pain. Smoking and consuming alcohol excessively also lead to this problem. Another reason can be the intake of certain NSAIDs like Ibuprofen which are known to cause gastric side-effects.


Nonulcer stomach pain is usually a long standing problem which needs the help of medications. Depending on the symptoms, the treatment and medications would vary.

  • Antacids.

    The best over the counter relief for indigestion. Both tablets and gels can help solve problems with stomach acids that cause indigestion.

  • Reducing gas.

    Drugs like Gas-X and Mylanta that constitute simethicone can help relieve gas related issues like delayed emptying.

  • Reducing acid production

    . Zantac 75, Axid AR, Pepcid AC and Tagemet HB are a few over the counter medications that can help reduce hypersecretion of acids.

  • Antibiotics.

    In case the problem is caused by certain bacteria, antibiotic therapy can be used to eliminate those bacteria thus, reducing the symptoms.

  • Reducing abdominal pain.

    Levsin and Bentyl can lessen the abdominal pain caused by spasms of the intestinal muscles.

  • Behavior therapy.

    If no medications were to have any affect on the symptoms caused by nonulcer dyspepsia, behavior therapy can be used to reduce stress and improve the quality of life through relaxation techniques.

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