Ruptured Appendicitis

An infected and inflamed appendix leads to appendicitis and if the infected organ is not removed, it can cause the appendix to rupture causing

ruptured appendicitis

. Non-removal of the infected appendix post 24 hours after the initial symptoms builds up pressure eventually causing the appendix to rupture. Although it is believed that the appendix does not have any major function, it is in fact known to produce and protect beneficial bacteria.

Ruptured Appendicitis:

The major symptom of an inflamed appendix or appendicitis is abdominal pain. As a matter of fact, many stomach disorders can cause severe abdominal pain. So, there is every chance that the diagnosis of the inflamed appendix is delayed. A delay in treatment (which is of course removal of the inflamed appendix) would cause the appendix to rupture.

Complications of a Ruptured Appendix:

When the appendix gets inflamed, it would eventually enlarge. The enlarged appendix would start blocking the intestine and interferes with the intestinal wall’s function (peritonitis).

Intestinal blockage would not allow the food and liquids to pass through the digestive system properly. Eventually, the pressure on the appendix would build causing abscesses around it. When the appendix bursts under pressure, it eventually bursts spilling all the infections from the appendix into the abdomen, thus contaminating it.

This can be fatal as the infection can can also spread through the blood stream.


Appendicitis causes severe pain in the lower right region of the abdomen. When the appendix actually begins to rupture under pressure, the pain for a short while would begin to recede. But once the function of the intestinal wall is interfered with, the pain would flare up once again.

  • Other common symptoms include slight fever, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.
  • Some of the severe symptoms are body chills, shakiness and severe issues with digestion.

Ruptured appendicitis

issue needs a surgery. The surgery known as appendectomy is the only option and involves removal of the damaged appendix.

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