Hepatitis Viruses and Effect on Liver

HBV Micrograph Image

Hepatitis viruses

are classified into six known types, viz.

A, B, C, D, E and F

. There is a rumored type G as well, but this has not been confirmed yet. The most common types of viruses of hepatitis among the existing ones that affect most people are A, B and C. Hepatitis literally means liver inflammation. An effect on the liver can be life threatening and can cause serious digestion problems as the liver is inflamed.

Hepatitis Viruses:

Although other organs are also known to get affected due to these viruses, it is usually diseases of the liver that most people suffer from. Let us study a little about these viruses and see what problems they cause to the liver.

Viral Hepatitis A.

Also referred to as


, this is an acute form of the infection which is potentially infectious. HAV can be easily spread from person to person due to unsanitary conditions that allow the virus to contaminate food and water. Also, intimate interactions (kissing) between two people can allow the virus to spread orally.

It is essential that one washes their hands properly after using the toilet.

Viral Hepatitis B.

Also referred to as


, this virus usually spreads during blood transfusions, through sexual contact and can also infect the foetus in pregnant women. Apart from these sources, needles used for body piercing and tattooing also are a medium through which the virus spreads.

HBV can lead to liver cancer or liver cirrhosis and a failure of the liver.

Viral Hepatitis C.

Also referred to as


, this virus is mostly prevalent among drug abusers. Most people affected with this virus develop chronic liver problems and can also infect other people with this virus. Liver cancer, cirrhosis and failure can be the consequences in these people.


The functions of the liver as far as digestion are concerned are to store fats, sugars and vitamins that are converted in the stomach. The liver dispenses these nutrients whenever necessary to various parts of the body.

Also, any harmful chemicals produced in the body are filtered by the liver and are pushed out of the body through the urine and stool.


hepatitis viruses

potentially affect these functions of the liver which can prove to be fatal.

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