Most Common Digestive Problems

Every person in this world is bound to suffer from an acute digestive disorder at some point of time in life. Some of the most

common digestive problems

are often neglected which can prove to be a fatal mistake in many for the acute issue could turn chronic. Though very common and not so threatening, these problems with digestion must be resolved completely upon initial onset.

Let us look at some

common digestive problems



Almost 15 percent of the population in the West are known to suffer from this problem. Most often than not, the reason for indigestion is eating too much. Apart from this, other reasons are fatty foods, quick swallowing and stressed eating. Smokers and drunkards also suffer from indigestion usually. Medical conditions like ulcers, gastritis, IBS and GERD are also some of the most common reasons that cause this digestive issue.


Diarrhea is a serious issue mostly in the developing countries. 16 percent of the children aged below 5 are known to die from this disorder. In acute cases, this problem is the resultant of a bacterial or viral infection. Eating contaminated food is the most common reason as to why people develop this condition. The symptoms are loose bowels coupled with stomach cramps.


Almost 2.5 million people visit a doctor each year and around 725 million dollars every year are known to be spent on laxatives. This easily explains as to how many people in the US are suffering from constipation. The reason for this is the intake of highly processed carbohydrate foods and the absence of fiber in foods.


6 percent of the American population are known to suffer from the symptoms of reflux (like heartburn) everyday, while 14 percent suffer every week. Excessive consumption of alcohol, intake of certain foods and pregnancy are the most common causes of heartburn and acid reflux. Not only is acid reflux painful, but can also potentially damage the esophagus.


It is estimated that around 25 million Americans are bound to develop a peptic ulcer at some point in their lives. Stress, smoking and alcohol consumption are usually attributed to stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers are a chronic issue and they should be addressed immediately.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, other most

common digestive problems

are bloating, belching, lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and gallstones.

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