Stomach Noises

Stomach noises

are a common and a normal phenomenon in everyone. The noises made by the stomach are usually inaudible. But when a person feels hungry or one feels full after having a meal, the noises could become audible. But, this is not an abnormal sign. But sometimes, stomach noises can be overly loud and may also become persistent, which could imply a problem with the digestive system.

Reasons for Stomach Noises:

The noises made by the stomach are medically referred to as


. These noises can either be rumbling, gurgling or growling noises. Sometimes, these noises might sound the same and it could become very difficult to differentiate among them. This makes identifying the cause of the noises also very difficult.

  • The noises in the stomach are usually attributed to air and gas in the intestines. The air in the intestines gets squashed while trying to avoid the ingested food which causes the noise.
  • Another reason for the noise is muscle contractions in the gastrointestinal walls. The muscles contract when the food is pushed into the small intestines from the stomach and when the intestines push the food into the colon.
  • Another reason for bowel sounds is indigested food. Food that remains in the gut without being passed into the intestines also makes noises.
  • Drinking chilled carbonated sodas also causes noise as the gases contained within the sodas make noise while moving through the stomach.
  • Half-chewed food leads to the production of more gastric juices which also causes the noise.
  • Women expecting to be pregnant can take the noises in the stomach as a sign of pregnancy as well.
  • Conditions like diarrhea, bloating, ulcers, abdominal cramps, bloating et. also are a reason for the stomach to make noises.

Preventing the Noises:

The first thing to do to avoid

stomach noises

is to stop taking the food that might be causing the problem. This may not be identified easily, but can be done by keen observation.

  • If it is hunger that could be causing the noise, have a small munch before proceeding to your lunch or dinner. This will silence the stomach.
  • It is best to cut down on tobacco and alcohol as well.
  • Instead of drinking chilled carbonated drinks, drink slightly warmer ones.


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