Do Bananas Cause Constipation?

One of the most confusing questions that can ever be put is,

“Do bananas cause constipation”

? If we search the web, there will be various topics that say that bananas cause constipation or bananas cure constipation. This leads to a lot of confusion amongst people as to what bananas exactly do regarding bowel movements.


do bananas cause constipation

or do they regulate the condition?

Do Bananas Cause Constipation?:

Let us first try to answer this question in a simple manner. Ripe bananas help cure constipation while raw ones lead to constipation. This is the simplest way to answer this question. One must also be aware that even the quantity of ripe bananas that one can consume in a day is restricted to two.

Energy and Heat:

We need to discuss this to get an idea as to why one would either be relieved of constipation or can suffer from it upon the consumption of bananas.

  • A lack of energy in the intestines can slow down the bowel movement and also cause the intestine to take a longer than usual time to digest the ingested food. A slow movement of the stools could cause one to constipate.
  • At the same time, too much heat in the intestines could dry up the required water in them eventually drying up the stools which would also lead to constipation.

What Do Bananas Do?:

As mentioned above, ripe bananas help a person alleviate his/her constipation problems. Ripe bananas contain enough potassium and fiber that act as laxatives and help in bowel movement.

  • So, people who have the dry constipation problem (the heat problem mentioned above) can get relieved by eating bananas.
  • But people who are lacking energy (the first mentioned problem above), upon the consumption of bananas (both ripe and raw ones) would only aggravate their problems. Raw bananas contain high amounts of starch which would become difficult for the stomach to digest. Ripe bananas would act as laxatives and may lead to diarrhea (which is not a cure to constipation).


do bananas cause constipation

? Well, it depends on the type of problem your digestive system is suffering from. In either case, it is best to avoid bananas unless and until suggested by a doctor.

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