What are the Methods of Hemorrhoid Removal?

Hemorrhoids are painful swollen blood vessels around the anus (the end point of the digestive tract where wastes leave the body) or in the lower rectum.

About 75% of the population gets affected by this condition. It is most common in the age group 45-65 and among pregnant women


Hemorrhoid Removal

is needed when common therapies or medicines fail to cure them. There are various advanced procedures of removing or treating these which will be discussed below:

What are the Methods of Hemorrhoid Removal?

Rubber Banding:

It is performed under local anesthesia. A small band is placed at the base of the hemorrhoid which cuts the blood circulation to the area and dries it up. The hemorrhoid shrinks and falls off along with the band with normal bowel movements. However, the procedure is not quite effective in preventing recurrence.


The blood vessel of the rectum is injected with a chemical solution which makes them shrink and fall off with bowel movements.

Infra Red Coagulation:

A small instrument is inserted in the anus and the infected area is exposed to very strong infra red light for a second or little more. This makes the blood vessels to coagulate (blood clotting) and eventually the hemorrhoids fall off and clears the area of any infection.


Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy is a less painful permanent solution of piles. It requires general anesthesia and ensures faster recovery. The doctor staples the piles to the wall of the anus which reduces the blood supply and eventually the body dries them up and sheds them. The procedure is performed in the painless area of the rectum and restores back the tissue to its original position.


An absolute permanent solution to treating piles when everything else for

Hemorrhoid Removal

fails. This procedure requires general anesthesia. The surgeon removes the infected masses and restores back the normal anal structure. It is relatively more painful than any other procedure and patients need pain killers and rest to be fully cured.

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