What are the Benefits Of Papaya in Digestion?

Papaya is a tropical fruit, green skinned when raw and with yellow to orange skin when ripe. It has a sweet taste with luscious and creamy texture and a flavor quite similar to that of an apricot. The

benefits of Papaya

in digestion are many. This is because it is rich in vitamins A, B-9 (folate), C, E, K and is a great source of Dietary Fiber. It also has beta carotene (antioxidant properties from the orange color). Small quantities of minerals like calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, potassium and sodium are also found in papaya.

What are the

Benefits of Papaya

which Aid



Papaya has certain enzymes (protein that facilitates any metabolic process) which are beneficial to the digestive system. A high concentration of two enzymes like

Papain and Chymopapain

helps in breaking down proteins. Papain, extracted from the green raw papaya is especially beneficial when it comes to digesting complex protein.

The carbohydrate in papaya is a simple carbohydrate and very easily digested by the body. Papaya puree is a popular weaning (phase of gradually introducing solids) food among infants.

Papaya is a nutritional super house of insoluble fibers. These fibers help cleanse the body of toxins in the intestines and colon with the bowel movements.

Papaya is known for its laxative properties. Papaya smoothie or a green papaya salad if taken regularly can relieve chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and irritable bowels.

Papaya can help in cases with reduced gastric juices and enzymes in the stomach which aid in digestion. The excessive accumulation of the mucous (slimy protective fluid secreted by the body) in the stomach walls can be treated with green papaya which relieves one from dyspepsia (upset stomach), abdominal cramps and intestinal irritation.

Yellow ripe papaya is also known to help in cases of spleen enlargement and is one of the many

Benefits of Papaya


The antioxidants (which prevents early cell death and damage), photo chemicals (beneficial chemical compounds), minerals and fiber together in papaya has a lot of curative properties and can help build a robust digestive system.


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