Diet For Jaundice

Why the

diet for jaundice

is of special significance can be understood by being informed about the said condition. It is essentially caused by a malfunctioning liver. The liver is a large glandular organ which is responsible for a host of important functions. It helps to metabolize food, produces essential enzymes, converts food into energy and helps to remove wastes from the body.

The liver cells break down the hemoglobin in blood. The blood cells contain a chemical called the bilirubin. Because of the malfunctioning of the liver the levels of bilirubin may rise in the blood stream. Bilirubin is responsible for the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eye characteristic of the said condition.

It is an associated symptom of diseases like Hepatic viral infections, bile duct blockage, malaria, gallstones etc.

Apart from the medications prescribed during this condition, dietary modifications are advised to make it easy for the liver to recover. The liver is relieved from the pressure of processing foods high in fats and cholesterol.


What should the diet for jaundice ideally include?

This particular diet should include lots of liquids which will help the liver flush out the toxins and recover. A liquid diet for the first 4-5 days is highly recommended. The excess bilirubin in the body can be discharged with the urine and stools. Fruit and vegetable juices will also ensure that the electrolyte balance is maintained in the body and it is well hydrated. A diet high in carbohydrates is recommended.

After the initial 4-5 days light solids based on carbohydrates like cereal porridge, rice milk etc can be introduced. Non fat yogurt and fruits and vegetables should be the primary source of nutrition. The liver is not yet ready to process fats and oils. Some lean protein or egg whites can be included in the diet now. However one should not eat big portions. Five small meals spread throughout the day along with lots of water is recommended.

After the bilirubin levels go down substantially, one can move gradually towards a normal diet which can include whole grains, lean protein and minimal fat. It is of utmost important to continue to stay away from fats for sometime as the liver is still in a healing mode.


diet for jaundice

is of extreme importance in order to ensure a complete and quick recovery.

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